Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Busy Bisa: A typical 20 min chronicle


He loves to use the dishwasher for playing with and reaching things up on the counter.

 He nabbed the trash can to ride when Dad took out the garbage.

He explored the washing machine while I was doing laundry.

He found some big shoes to fill.

He found something else to fill....

and water to play in.

 He found a way to make curtains into a superhero cape.

Of course there is always furniture to climb.

Oh, and tables to climb with food on top!

More shoes to fill.

Or just to empty and spread amidst the house.

Oh, and the mops are near the shoe coral...

...along with the fly swatter.

Watch out!

And back to the dishwasher, which was now actually being loaded, despite the absconding plates.

 We put an end to the dishwasher. He couldn't play with cookie sheets, so he found the bed sheets and returned to the laundry basket.

Yup, the laundry basket makes a good riding toy.

I love that he likes to play cooking, but I so wish he wasn't so interested in the oven.

And finally, we find a legitimate toy that we all approve! Whew!

We decided to follow him with the camera so we could document his activity level.  Nothing was staged or encouraged.  No one was harmed in the making of this documentary.  We do not recommend trying this at home if you don't have to.  He is always this active, unless he's asleep. And yes, he is stinkin' hilarious!

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