Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A big Week in the Scholtens' House

 Happy Birthday to Bennett!
He is now the big 4 year old in our house, and very proud of it.  Several times, he was seen sitting at the table singing the birthday song to himself, or professing to his cousins that he was now big enough to do some things like them.  (This only proved to be a problem when letting his 3 year old cousin know that she, however, was not as old yet.)  For him the day was perfect, being able to celebrate at the cottage, going on fast boat rides, slow fishing boat rides, or just playing on the boat while anchored.  And though he has never seen a Spider Man movie, he is quite enthralled with the character.  He just leaned over and said, "There I am on the boat with my Spiderman shirt on."  In fact, he even slept inthe shirt because he didn't want to take it off.  

Two-Speed Bisa:  Crazy Busy and Asleep
This little man has proven to be the perfect fit for the family, full of energy, curiosity, determination and silliness.  He absolutely loves the outdoors, a good game of chase or peek, and becomes quite possessive about juice boxes.  When he is not busy trying to eat rocks, ride his big brothers' bikes or pushing his trucks out to the road, he is often scavenging through the garage refrigerator for juice boxes.  Yup, he wants to be just like the big boys and has recently been spotted holding his own territory with those big boys.  With a sense of determination strong enough to save his own life since birth and hands as giant as his, we all better be prepared for this silly monster to mature in our family.  I am interested myself to see what this story brings.

First Day of Kindergarten!
Macabe couldn't have been more excited.  He was dressed and jumping about the house by 7:10, wondering what time the bus would come.  He is loving every minute of it and can hardly believe he gets TWO recesses...of course, the favorite part of each day.  He was also excited that he was able to fit in the bus seat with two of his friends at the same time.  It is a long day from start to finish.  He comes home quiet, escalates through his exhaustion, then crashes in bed and chats about his day.  His teacher is so silly with the things she says.
The first two days of school, Mom followed the bus to school making sure he had it all figured out.  He's a quick learner.  Poor Bennett didn't understand why he couldn't just ride the bus with him and then I'd pick him up at the school.  The first day, I asked Bennett if he wanted to go to a park and play.  He said he would wait for Mac to get home.  After letting him know that would be awhile, he'd agreed to go play.  On the ride home he asked, "Mom, does that mean that if I want to watch a movie sometime, that I can pick any one that I want?"  Yes is does, Bennett!  Though every morning I can see in his face the disappointment when all the kids he played with this summer hop on the bus and drive away. 

 It's a crazy house we live in...but we are still smiling over here!


Lynae S said...

Hey Girl! Darling Pictures! I was just thinking of you today and wondered how your family was doing! Glad to hear that the start of school is going well for Macabe. We would love to see you guys sometime soon. Lots of love!

The Feys said...

Sounds like things are going well in your busy family of 5! Praying that you can keep smiling no matter what each day brings.