Sunday, August 30, 2009

"My sock is frustrated."

What's that you say? Yes, Macabe has been full of funny statements and comments these days. This weekend I had him come into me with a floppy sock hanging from his foot. He was trying very hard not to get all worked up, so he came and announced that his sock was frustrated and he needed help.

How about another?....Yesterday Kurt was in the kitchen and "poor" Lucy was wandering around waiting for something to land on the floor. Kurt asserted, "Lucy, go lay down. You are driving me nuts!" Macabe again runs in from the other room and asks, "Hey Daddy? Where's Lucy's nuts?"

And finally...Today after leaving church I shared that I left my name and number at church to offer help in the nursery. Macabe in his most empathic voice insterts, "Oh no, Mommy! Can we go back and get it?" So worried that I left my name at church.

What a hoot this boy is. Could he bring us any more joy?

ADORES playing in the rain! Thanks for the boots and coat Grammy S.

Tractors to drive at the Hudsonville Fair

My pal Parker...and cousin...a dangerous duo.

And the best pal of all...DADDIO!

Stay tuned! We will be celebrating Bennett's first birthday this week! Can you believe it?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

If a picture is worth a thousand words....

...well then the progression of three photos should tell a pretty good story.

What a hoot these boys are. Is that a hug or a head lock? You be the judge.

Oh man, what joys this summer has brought to our home and hearts. We are loving our new home, spending time together as a family and finding new places to explore every week. This summer is very different from our last. Macabe and I spent last summer frequenting friends houses, the spraypark, Dow Gardens, and countless hours in the driveway together with our Lucy dog. It was an adventure together before the arrival of baby brother. I wasn't sure what to expect, nor is any mother when she adds to the family. Dad was travelling many a places, jet setting in his sales job all over North America and more. We sure missed our time with him, but had adventures nonetheless.

This summer? Well this summer is dedicated to growing families and growing hearts. Not only have we added our toothy boy Bennett to the crew (almost a year old already...where does time go?), but we have Dad home way more often now too. ALL of us couldn't be happier about this. There are days we even get to have breakfast, lunch AND dinner with Dad as he has an office in the basement now too. Macabe loves a good afternoon tackle or game of chase with Bennett and Dad before naps. It's the simple joys that we would have missed out on, had we not been here today.

More to come, as I hope to do a better job of keeping this current, since I've been re-inspired by a dear friend of mine. Thanks MB!

Certainly more photos of some of our favorite times/activities will be warranted.