Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Eskimos and Penguins

That's right...Igloos! The church in the backyard pushes their snow into a pile that makes for great snow caves. Dad worked to carve it out so we all fit inside, even Lucy gets in. We've found our favorite time to be at night with our head lamps on.

We've had so much fun this year int he snow. Bennett is not sure he likes sledding yet, but Macabe will take any adventure he can get. The neighbors thought we were crazy when we snow-blowed the front yard to make a giant pile of snow, but they have been over to play on our homegrown sledding hill. Now, tonight, we await 15 in. of snow forecasted. Ooo-wee!

Macabe continues to love music and school, and really just wants to be able to read. He has become very imaginative in his play and a current favorite is setting up to play grocery store with old boxes from our kitchen. Recently he came to us upset that he was trying to play but "Bennett is antagonizing me."

Then again, turnabout is fairplay as a sibling, right?...While both strapped into their carseats (out of each others' reach), I have found Bennett crying, very upset. When asked what is wrong, he'll say, "Mac just bop-bop at me!" I look at Mac and his is just singing in his seat, "Bop-bop-bop-bop," quietly...yet grinning in shear enjoyment! Seriously?
Really, despite this "brotherly love," the boys have been the best of friends lately. The house is filled with giggles, laughter, chasing, tackling, fun, games, and jokes...the stuff that dreams are made of!
Bennett is into all things boy. Cars, balls, basketball, football, tackling. While his brother is his buddy, he also really enjoys those days Macabe is in school and he gets that one-on-one time with Mom. His date with Mom often times involves a doughnut for him and a coffee for Mom. Mmm! Though most of his responses to questions are either "I-O-know" (I don't know) or "Because Yeah", if you ask him what his Dad does for work, he'll tell you "he sells camels" (aka chemicals). The market for camels isn't so great in West Michigan, but chemicals, yes.

And let's not forget the Ring Boys in Anna's and Chris's wedding! We had some of the best looking penguins around. Trying our best to prep the boys prior the wedding, we reminded them that they would need to put on their tux and walk Mommy down the aisle. So that is just what Macabe did. He put on his tux, walked Mommy down the aisle...and took it off. Yup, he immediately began undressing and when we'd try to get him to leave clothes on, he'd just shout, "This itches! When can I take it off?!"

Both boys were enhausted at the end of the day, but boy did they find the reception to be the best dance party ever!