Friday, May 1, 2009

Cousins, Granparents and Easter Bunnies

Time for a new update since we have a new cousin to have joined our family. Bennett is getting tired from all this waiting for another baby to come. But it was worth it because he got to sack out on Grampa'a lap (well, Grampa was excited about that anyway), and we got to meet Willa Jane Fuller for the first time. She looks just like Greta did...maybe a little more like her mama, Hannah though. Go to her blog to see those photos! (link on right)
What a handsome fella that Bennett, all dressed up for the Easter guests to arrive at the new house! For the first time, we get to have a family gathering at our house. What a treat!
This mischevious pair is always up to something. Mostly good laughs, but you never can be too sure. Usually Mac is found pushing his car around the house. He'll always tell you he's going to Nana's house, Grampa's office, Culver's or Meijer. Bennett's usually watching and laughing everytime big brother races by. Today we can hardly wait for the Easter Bunny to arrive. We heard he comes while we're at church, but I am not sure I understand it all yet. It's the bunny in my house that's confusing...not the laying of eggs behind...because I still think I'd like to grow chicken nuggets in the backyard garden this year!!!

Oooh! So proud of the Easter eggs we made! See?!?! The dye ended up being a little messy and not that exciting because all you could do was wait. So Mom got out the bright tissue paper, let us dunk pieces in water and then they stuck to the egg without trouble. Now that was some progress I could be proud of!

Other than all the Easter fun, we've been able to explore lots of new places here. We all went to the GR Children's Museum when Mimi and Gramps came to visit! There were lots of fun things to do and see here, and we loved having Mimi and Gramps there to play along. What's the only thing happier than Bennett?...Lots of Bennetts in the mirrors!

And of course, Macabe couldn't be steered away from his ever favorite bubbles. These weren't any ordinary bubbles either. They were big ones! At one point there was even one big enough for Macabe to be inside. Oh the joy of a boy inside a bubble!

Mimi and Gramps learned when they were here that it was never to early in the morning or late in the day for a good tackle.