Monday, February 16, 2009

A Few January Favorites

Notice the smiley face peeking in the background.

Big brother, little brother.

Sledding Snow Boys all bundled up.

Trouble on the Rise...more updates

These three amigos are just trouble waiting to happen. You wouldn't believe the way they entertain each other without a single toy and loads of laughter. Cousin Parker enjoys having a baby to love on since his mom and dad won't give him one.

Bennett Blue Eyes perches in his favorite place, snuggled over the shoulder, sometimes liking to be cheek to cheek.

Ahh, cookies in bed. Going to a hotel with Grammy and GrampS is great. I get to break all the rules. Hopefully they won't find the crumbs left behind. It's no problem though, I got my own getaway car for Christmas.

Catch up!...It's been too long.

My how time flies! We've been so busy just having fun together we haven't been able to visit here since Christmas! We had a visit with Santa, of course. He brought Macabe a "Cozy Coupe" car of his own and he couldn't have been more excited. Because it's still too cold, he drives it all over inside the house.

Bennett has grown tremendously. He's as cute as ever, growing more hair, getting teeth, sitting up and eating cereal. This boy smiles more than anybody. And no one can make him belly laugh like his silly older brother!

Macabe had a busy December building forts with his cousin, trying out Gramma's old typewriter and, when no one was looking, discovering that butter sticks to the window and wall when thrown!