Sunday, July 8, 2012


We have had a few inquiries lately about how it's all going.  I know, it's been 9 weeks since our last post.  I can hardly believe that it was over two months ago we landed on the front steps of our house and burst into tears from such joy of having all five of us together.  On the other hand, Hambisa just slides right into the family as he's always been a part of it.  He is doing so great with his adjustment and he fits perfectly into my arms!
Thank you all for your many thoughts, prayers and well wishes.  We have appreciated them, felt them and coveted them.  While his emotional adjustment and attachment seems to be going very for him, that's not to say it's all been a breeze.  He is a very busy boy! (and that's part of why he fits in so well).

That's the short story.  If you want to the longer one, here goes some of it:

It began with 44 hours of no sleep on the journey home.  Hambisa was getting up every 3 hours throughout the night. (Due to the cloth diapering, the orphanage awakened babies for a changing; and feeding was the easiest way to get multiple babies back to sleep.)  We built forts in the basement for Macabe and Bennett so they could actually get some solid sleep themselves.

1 trip to urgent care for Hambisa (oozing ear infection)
1 head split open worthy of four staples (Mom)...that was a wicked game of peekabo, I'll tell you,
    but worth all the laughs
2 bouts with the flu (Bennett and Mom)
2 digestive systems with an Ethipian parasite (Bisa and Mom)
3 skin infections/cellulitis (Mom)
1 brother who had to be watched he didn't smother his brother with hugs
1 brother who had to be watched he didn't smother his brother with tackles
several extra days off work for Kurt to nurse his family's health
countless prescriptions
1 new budding relationship with our pharmacist

As for now, we have hit our stride.  They are busy days.  I had forgotten how busy a one year old can be.  Just the other day I was emptying the dishwasher when I turned around to find much of the laundry I just folded strewn about the living room.  By the time the laundry was remedied, Hambisa had gotten into the garbage can.  And let's just say we don't ever leave the bathroom door open anymore else we will have toilet paper everywhere and a one year old swimming in the toilet.

Macabe has been in love with Hambisa from the very start, loving the chance to have a job and someone to take care of.  He recently has gotten quite anxious about needing some space to protect as his own, but overall is coping well with the adjustments.  The honeymoon period for Bennett wore off after about a week and he struggled with his new role as middle child.  To his defense, we didn't bring home a newborn baby who can be set down or who sleeps a lot.  We brought home a toddler who immediately gets into his things, into his way, and requires a lot of attention from us.  It was difficult to even play his usual games or toys without interruption or destruction.  Bennett had to be watched closely with his new younger brother.  I was having some of my own stress over this, worrying that I'd ruined my easy-going Bennett.

However, today has been a great example of how far we have all come.  Nine weeks into it, Bennett has some very sweet big brother moments and learned he is one of the best people to make him laugh.  He even took great care holding and 'babysitting' his baby cousin Mabel this morning.  Macabe is learning to close his door to protect his space and certainly been thriving with the chance to have a job and be a big help.  He is built to be a nurturing soul.   Hambisa is comfortable to explore the room and play with others, returning to check in with Mom and Dad for affirmation.  It took six weeks before he would lay his head down on our shoulders to sleep, but now will seek us out for hugs and kisses...and everyone sleeps through the night now!

We have some precious pictures and more fun stories to tell you, but for now, it's time for bed.  I've got to get ready for more fun and crazy times in the Scholtens' household.  Sweet dreams!