Sunday, April 5, 2009

We've Moved!

Moving Cards were sent out today, so, in the case that some of you actually check out this blog site, I thought I'd treat you to some pictures of our new "crib" and also give you a little background.

Moving Day was February 20, 2009. Almost seven months in the making, we had finally closed on a house in Hudsonville. We were packed and ready to go. In effect we had to move out of two houses, ours in Midland which had laid dormant for the last 7 months, acting only as a storage facility for most of our belongings, and Whitney's parents house in Grand Haven, MI, which was so patiently shared with us for 7 months while Kurt worked out of Muskegon. Notice, there is not a sold sign in Midland yet. Look out Hudsonville, Here come the Scholtens! Hudsonville is a conservative family oriented community located between Grand Rapids and the Lakeshore with great schools! We like the location as it was easily accesible for Kurt's work and for any future visitors. What's Kurt doing now? He's still selling Chemicals, but he was able to find a role with a private chemical distributor, Webb Chemical, that offered a territory in Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan. This meant he could drive to all of his accounts and be home every night after work. His job with MEGlobal (Dow Chemical) was going like gangbusters, but so was his travel schedule. Territory with Dow was best described as "North America" and was offering more and more opportunity but less and less family time. The decision was made as a family to scale back on travel and move to SW Michigan.

Come Visit! This house has a finished basement with a bathroom and 2nd living area that is waiting for you! Here are a few pictures of the basement, so you can see your accomodations! We'll wait to show you the rest of the house when you arrive!

Now for the rest of the story...As we closed the doors on the moving van in Midland, our house was not sold, but as we pulled out of the driveway for the the last time, we got a call on our cell phone and it was an offer on the Midland house. We closed on the midland house on 3/25! So we are officially a 1 house family!

"The Lord has done great things for us, and We are filled with Joy!" - Psalm 126:3

Mac celebrated his 2nd B-day at the new house, Grammy and Gramps S visited already, and we are hosting the Lepard/Oren family for Easter. And lucy?...well lucy's doing her best to support the family, though she misses her woods and her covered porch.