Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Crazy Good Times

Mighty Mac...yes, we let him do this, but at least he's wearing his helmet. (We certainly did not make him wear those neon/orange socks.)

Bennett Flying high...yet keeping his feet just where he wants them, firmly planted on the ground.

While Bennett will jump off just about anything, he does prefer 'ground' activities. To say he is not a fan of swim lessons would be an understatement, but he is a trooper about trying, depite the crying. On the other hand, big brother is a complete fish!

This year we had a pumpkin and a puppy for Halloween. Handing out candy to all the fun kids and costumes coming to our house is still preferred to Trick-or-Treating. Mom and Dad are okay with that too.

And this is the triple threat...the three amigos. Lucy puts up with a lot of antics when they find crazy hiding spots for her, when they practice jumping over her. But most of all, she likes the snuggles that sometimes turn into tackles. Lets be honest, with a houseful of boys, wrestling is a favorite pasttime around here. Tag team yourself in, if you dare. But it is one of our favorite ways to have a crazy good time around here!