Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fall Festivities and Christmas Wishes

October was warm, so the trips to the orchards after running through the sprinklers seemed less than "Fall-ish." Nonetheless, we had a great time on the pumpkin ride and drinking "apple spider."

Halloween was as fun as ever with Thing 1 and Thing 2. It was the perfect type cast for these two crazy kids who love to run and be silly. These Things enjoyed handing out candy to see all the other costumes even more than collecting their own. And even better, they took their costumes to visit Grampa Lepard (aka Bumpa or Bump) at the office, where we promptly dressed him as the Cat in the Hat to parade around the office. This fall we also made our first trip to Great Wolf Lodge to test out the indoor water park fun. All four of us had such a great time, we can hardly wait to do it again.

Just this weekend we had a fun house, full of Scholtens family for our Thanksmas celebration. Of course by the time our "Curious Georgia" (Georgia) guests arrived, the weather dropped over 30 degrees in 24 hours. Thursday celebrated turkey day with lots of things for which to be thankful. Our prayers are filled with thanks for all of you...and for cookies, plates, tables, silverware and trees. The boys enjoyed making table decorations, place cards, and even our own butter. It was also great fun to jump on Grammy, GrampS and Uncle Drew and Aunt Allison every morning.

Because we won't all be able to be together on Christmas again, we celebrated our Scholtens family Christmas on Friday. We hung decorations and exchanged gifts, tackled each other and played hide and seek in the dark with our new head lamps. What fun!

The boys are full of fun right now and are always keeping us on our toes and laughing. Mac is doing so well in school and brings home all sorts of fun art projects to display around the house. He's become very proficient at the computer and likes using big words like excellent and spectacular. You think he might be our family thespian? Music is a favorite too. Ask him his favorite music and he'll tell you Vivaldi. (Not sure where he gets it!) He loves to perform, SWIM, SWIM, SWIM, and to be given a job. He's been known to ask to organize something, insist he needs no help doing laundry, cook in the kitchen or build in the backyard with Dad. There is no doubt he is a hard worker, we just need to find him enough things to keep him busy!

Bennett loves anything sports and balls and play. He'd like to watch his older cousins play football, basketball and throw a ball at anyone who will catch. His talking has become very good, but we like to giggle a little at the way he talks, because. each. word. seems. to. have. a. period. or. pause. at. the. eennnnddd. And the last word of his sentence is always drawn out longer than the others. Too cute. And the craziest thing is that he was moved into a big bed last week. He is loving it and hasn't had a single issue. He is just so proud.

Stay tuned, because in a few weeks these handsome fellas will be sporting a tuxedo in Miss Anna's and Mr. Chris' wedding!

Merry Christmas to you all! We love you!