Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Scholtens Summer: Just Add Water

No, not all rain, but any sort of water activitiy. Umbrellas, swimming pools and lakes, slip-n-slides, sprinklers, camping and the cottage...all essential elements to the summer here this year. The boys have become each others preferred playmate for now. We spent some time in Georgia this spring visiting Grammy and GrampS where the boys "shared" a room. After lots of giggling, laughing, joke telling and several adult interventions, at 10 pm when they had stripped the bedof sheets, they were separated. I opted to be thankful they are friends. Oh the trouble this could mean! :)

For Macabe, this summer has been about riding bikes, swimming, dogs, Daddy-o, Grammy and Nana, and more bikes and water. He prides himself in recently learning to swim without a life jacket and jump in the water. He is a real fish, usually has to be dragged out of the water shivering. tube rides at the cottage are a weekend favorite, and he's big on the hand signal for faster. The orange bicycle was a birthday present. If you ask him when his birthday is, he'll tell you "It's either March or March 10. I can't remember which one."

These days everything lis also measured in "Daddy" units. "Wow! That building is huge. It's like 10 Daddies tall." or "Mom, how many Daddies does it take to get to China?"

Bennett prefers some of the less adventurous ways to explore the water sports, drinking from the sprinklers, watching tube rides from the boat and a nice jet ski rides. It is actually a common occurrence for him to fall asleep on the jet ski and ride until the gas runs out.

Along with his height, his language has really exploded in recent months. Just the other day he saw a "wabby bunnit" (aka bunny rabbit). Okay, so we get alittle confused about some of the animals, but Fred at the grocery store appreciates a visit from Bennett each time. Fred is a "wompster" (lobster). And one of his favorite snacks is raspberries and "flamingos" (mangoes).

Bennett is a bit embarassed yet about his new hole in his head. He is a bit more rough and tumble on steady ground, and has lost his front tooth! Hopefully a visit from the tooth fairy will help with that.

Stay tuned...we'll post some more summer slideshow picks soon.