Thursday, December 19, 2013

2013 Highlights

Oh, BOY!  (literally)
We are a circus.  We violate noise ordinances.  We could power a small city with the energy we expend.  We make lots of mistakes.  We laugh.  We are blessed.
We are the Scholtens:  2013

The Circus: A circus has three rings…we have three boys.  Sometimes it’s hard to watch all that is going on, but if you focus on each ring individually, it is really amazing and always entertaining.  The three boys have three very unique and sweet personalities. 

The Noise:  It’s interesting how it builds.  We shout everything because, well, that’s the only way we can hear each other over the blasting music, outlandish laughter, inevitable wrestling, and eventual crying.  We are learning to confidently go where we have not gone before…like across the street, or in a Kayak.  Sometimes the separation is good...less noise.

The Energy:  Hambisa has two speeds –  Super busy  & Asleep.   Just picture what it would be like to have a goat loose in your house.  Now try to go grocery shopping with your goat.  Yup, it’s all we can do to keep him inside the house, out of the cupboards, away from the toothpaste, off the light fixtures, and well…fed.  The boy is supremely curious, will keep you laughing and knows how to enjoy every ounce of life. 

The Mistakes:  Telling Bennett he doesn’t always have to win, only makes him try harder.   We told him we loved him even if he didn’t win the “Turkey Trot” for his age group, after all there were a lot of kids running.  He said, “I’ll love you too, but you know I’m going to win.”  After the race he raised the 16 lb frozen turkey and declared his victory.  Since we don’t need to encourage his competitive spirit, we’ll start working on humility.

The Laughter:  After leaving a store together, Macabe asked, “What’s the name of that store again?”  Bennett promptly replied, “Macabe, just remember it’s like Nana…Old Lady.”   (a.k.a. Old Navy).  Mac has developed the ability to read this year.  It is no longer feasible to keep a secret by spelling it. 

The Blessings:  We seek opportunities to illustrate God’s desire for us to act justly, walk humbly, and love our neighbors.  This year has provided many opportunities and discussions with the boys regarding family, orphans, neighbors, and strangers.  We continue to be blessed by others in caring for our family and in turn try to do the same.