Friday, June 11, 2010

Becoming Buddies!

These two have been fun to watch over the past few weeks. While they are perfectly good antagonists at times, they've also been growing into close friends. They may be seen sharing the same chair (or airplane seat), boxing out other kids at the top of the slide to save a place for brother, or splashing puddles and causing great mischief together. At the dinner table, Mac likes to sit next to Bennett, so he drags his chair to the corner of the table where he can be RIGHT next to him. (In theory it's adorable, though it doesn't always end so well. :) )

Yesterday they had this conversation at the table while waiting for lunch:
Mac: Bennett?
Bennett: Yes Mac?
M: Can you ask me what I'm doing?
B: Hey Mac?
M: Yes Bennett?
B: What are you dooooing?
M: Nothin'.

Mac is very conversational and so far have seemed to have not hit the, "WHY?" questioning. He much prefers the "What if" questioning. "Mommy, what if we didn't have faces? What if there were no trees? What if we didn't have underwear?"
Bennett is developing quite the sense of humor. He loves to try things on his head and give Moose Kisses. Not sure what a moose kiss is? Just ask him sometime.
Together they are also enjoying learning about caterpillars and butterflies. They took a lesson from their cousin, Greta, and went on a hunt for milkweed and monarch caterpillars. So far two have already spun their cocoons and are hanging from the top of the aquarium. Two are still muching their way through the leaves. Mac named two of them, "Butterfly" and "Lucy." Bennett named two of them, "Everything" and "Big One." We can't wait to see what happens next!