Friday, September 4, 2009

Bennett Turns ONE!

Oh my goodness! Where has the time gone? I know everyone thinks that, but this, this was fast. We have come a long way from early days of the pack-n-play bed and sleeping our naps away on Mommy's chest. Even these past two weeks, Bennett has become quite the little man! He has found his confidence in moving about. And with this confidence has come great happiness, exploration and personality. Bennett walks about with his arms stretched wide, smiling from ear to ear, if not laughing with excitement and pride. He is frustrated when he falls, but will search for something to pull up on and try again. Climbing stairs were never even attempted until the day before his birthday when he decided to do all 15 in lightning speed.

Other than moving about, Bennett is learning his great love of ice cream. I chuckle to see him scream like a little girl and drop the saddest of faces when you tell him it's all gone. And watch out if you agree to share yours with him. You best can say goodbye to most of yours. :) Or ask him what a puppy dog or a lion says and he is sure to answer. In fact, he is so good at the growling that our family often has a growling contest on our car rides. He usually tops the charts. Speaking of topping the charts, Bennett had a doctor appointment yesterday. He now weighs in at 22 lbs and 11 oz. and measures 30 3/4 in. long. Not bad, certainly for the amount of food he puts away everyday, but where's the topping of the charts you say? Yes, we appear to top the charts with our head size. We always knew he had a good brain. That's why we can't get all our shirts on him anymore. Never would guess by looking at this curly, blondie, blue-eyed grinning sweet potato of mine!

Enjoy a few of his birthday pictures. He wasn't too sure about the cake, just like big brother Mac. He was timid to dive in, but once Dad put Cheerios on top for me to grab and eat, he learned it was pretty tasty. (though it will likely never surpass his love for ice cream) And how could I forget to mention his second love? balls of any shape and size. Ah yes, the favorite toy of choice. You will never find him without one in hand.