Friday, November 13, 2009

Fall Family

Oh what fun we've had this fall. Thanks to the beautiful weather, we have been spending lots of time outdoors. The past two weeks we've been having some busy work with a "little" project in the backyard. Kurt calls it a shed. Whit calls it a garage. We've compromised and have added a "sharage" in our backyard. In combination with project and play, we've spent some extra time in the bathtub, scrubbing off our frequent outdoor mud baths.

Then of course, we did have some Halloween fun at our house too. Macabe was certain he wanted to be a snowman this year, as "The Snowman" is one of his favorite movies. Mom worked hard sewing to have it done in time to wear. Unfortunately, come time to put it was definitely not going to happen. SO, as you can see, Bennett is still too little to protest enough...Meet Bennett the snowman! He was a cute one! And Mac was happy to be the "P.U.S. Man" again this year. Who doesn't like a visit from the UPS guy anyway?!

And this picture? Well, what can we say about this picture? Too goofy for his own good!

In so many other ways we have been blessed this fall. We have become more settled in our new place. The boys know this as home. We have joined a nice church and had Bennett baptized finally. Much of the family was able to be there to celebrate with us. Our days are filled with dance parties around the house, morning, noon and night. These boys love to boogie! A favorite part of the week is going to our Kindermusik class on Wednesdays with some of our friends. And of course, leaf jumping in the biggest pile we could make highlights everyone's fall. Bennett was not a big fan at first, but grew to enjoy tossing a few in the air as long as they weren't poking his face. Mac, on the other hand, took them by the shovel full onto the tarp, rode the tarp and was dumped upside down in them until he could wiggle his way to the surface. Covering others is a highlight for him too. (So you can imaging how well the combo of Macabe throwing leaves and Bennett afraid of them went over! Brotherly love!)
Other than that, we are thankful for our good health, doing what we can to keep it that way, and praying for our friends who have been hit hard this season.