Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Busy Boys, Broken Bones & Baby Cakes!

We always knew that with three boys there would eventually be broken bones.  It was no surprise to us that the first boy was Bennett, who also has been missing a front tooth since he knocked it out over a year ago.  The poor kiddo had surgery and an overnight hospital stay, along with his new Frogger who also got a matching cast from armpit to knockles.  Big brother, Mac, came up to visit and do what he does best...nurture those in need.
Off with cast #1, out with the pins, and on with a new and improved water-proof.
Broken bones aren't all bad when you get some TLC at DeVos Children's Hospital...an amazing place with great staff!  We love you Aunt Sarah and crew!
Nope, Bisa hasn't broken bones yet, but his time will come.  I found him here using the high chair as a bridge to get from the bench to the fruit on the table.  I thought I had finally outsmarted him by removing the ability to climb on the table chairs....yeah, right, Mom!

My big boys were SUPER bummed to get rained out (with lightning) of the much anticipated Turkey Trot race.  Mac did make sure he got a chance to drive around the parking area to see if he could point out all his teachers he had hoped to see there.  He is loving school, and we are thankful.  It began as an exhausting transition for everyone to the all day, everyday event, but at least he is having fun!
Not to be left behind, Hambisa also had minor outpatient procedure at the Children's Hospital.  We weren't there long, but we seemed to keep the surgical area hopping.  They learned what "Busy Bisa" means and had the female nursing and doctor staff swooning over him.  He had all sorts of ladies popping into his room to sneak a smile from him or see those flirty blinks he likes to give....oh boy, we have more trouble headed our way!  Wa-hoo!

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